Cielo Vista Ranch HistoryCielo Vista Ranch offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Climb many of Colorado’s highest peaks including the only 14’er privately owned.  Hunt the trophy of a lifetime or fish some of the most beautiful waters in Colorado.

Cielo Vista Ranch is 80,000 + acres located in the Sangre De Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountain range in southern Colorado.  The ranch offers a variety of unspoiled terrain.  Arid sagebrush flats and foothills give way to the lush meadows and forest of the montane elevation. This elevation of 8,000 – 10,000 feet contains an abundance of different wildflowers, striving to put on a colorful display in the short growing season. Here you will find clear streams sparkling with the flash of trout, shimmering groves of aspen, large stands of Fir, Pine and quiet bogs dotted with wildflowers. As you near the elevation of 10,000 feet, you will encounter dense forests of Spruce and Fir.  This subalpine region may contain patches of snow in shady areas and is mostly forested, with few meadows. At about 11,500 feet the trees disappear and the alpine terrain begins. At this elevation tiny wildflowers grow close to the ground and bloom like alpine jewels. Cool breezes and the beautiful view, makes this a great place to be in summer.

Culebra, meaning serpant, at 14,047 has the distinction of being the only privately owned 14’er and the southern most 14’er in Colorado. It is the highest summit in the Culebra Range, a subrange of the Sangre De Cristo Range.  Other prominent peaks on Cielo Vista Ranch  include Red Mountain (13,908 ft), Vermejo Peak (13,723 ft), and Purgatoire Peak (13,676 ft).

Many species of wildlife thrive on Cielo Vista Ranch. The Sangre De Cristo range supports one of the healthiest herds of elk and bighorn sheep in Colorado and many find Cielo Vista Ranch the perfect place to thrive. Visiters will enjoy a variety of wildlife and are encouraged to bring their cameras, spotting scopes and binoculars. The ranch is home to many other wildlife species including mule deer, turkey, black bear, coyote, bobcat and the occasional mountain lion. The 50+ miles of river and streams are home to many species of trout and are a great fishery for the angler.

Cielo Vista, meaning heavenly view, truly lives up to its name.  Majestic mountain peaks, panoramic views, and the soaring height of Culebra peak provide the crowning touches to this ranch.