Are you an avid hunter?  Do you love the thrill of the chase?  Do you desire the trophy of a lifetime?  If so, the 80,000 + acre Cielo Vista Ranch has everything to make a hunter’s dream come true.  Whether you choose to rifle hunt or pursue your trophy with bow and arrow, Cielo Vista Ranch has a hunt for you.  With terrain that varies from lower meadows with winding streams, up the mountain through shimmering aspen groves and dark stands of spruce timber to barren mountain tops.  While enjoying the beautiful landscape hunters will have the opportunity to stalk through this game-rich terrain in hopes of tracking and bringing home the trophy that stories are made of.

DSCN0595As day breaks across a crisp cool autumn morning you could find yourself nestled amongst a towering aspen stand of shimmering gold realizing you are really here!  As your hunt begins, it won’t take long before the scream of a bull pierces the morning silence.  Your adrenaline starts to rush realizing all your preparation is about to pay off.  A few soft cow calls and your guide has the bull convinced he is about to add another cow to his herd.  Then you notice antlers emerging from the dark woods into the morning sun.  Imagine yourself there watching as the bull stops to thrash a small spruce with his antlers.  As the bull walks toward your guide’s calling he is getting ever closer.  You can see his breath steaming in the cool morning air, you smell the pungent odor of a rutting bull, you can hear your heart pounding, you’re looking for the right moment to pull the trigger.  What seemed like an eternity is over in a few seconds and now you are posing with one of the most majestic antlered trophies of North America.

If this sounds like the hunt of a lifetime, then join the many that have become a part of this tradition.   Many of our hunters return year after year, so book your hunt early!

This is an example of a 5 day Elk hunt. If you would like to book a shorter or longer time period, please call or email the number below.

1) Please call for current pricing and availability.
2) 5 days to fill tag
3) Guided hunt
4) Comfortable lodging and great meals
5) Hunting transportation
6) 2 walk-in coolers for meat
7) No trophy fees! (bulls up to 396 have been taken)

Hunting/Climbing Waiver

To book a hunt:

Contact: Pat Lancaster 

Ph. 720-933-6122